Comments from some who have worked with me:

• Greg Swanson,  CEO Itz Publishing, Portland, OR -- David Reed is one of the brightest lights in the online newspaper business. David is deservedly famous for the pioneering work he did at AZstarnet and the revolution he accomplished in El Paso, but these very visible signs of his vision understate his real strength. David is one amazing administrator. David is able to cajole the unwilling, inspire the committed, and orchestrate an amazing range of enterprise stakeholders to get stuff done.

I am really grateful to have learned from David and recommend him without hesitation.

• Wayne Rash Jr., Senior Technology Editor at Ziff Davis Enterprise, Washington, DC -- David has always been a top-notch professional journalist. I've worked with him in the past, and it would be an honor to do so in the future.

• Jeff Kuerzi,  VP Midwest Sales, Centro, Chicago, IL -- During the time David and I worked together I came to understand how much of a visionary he is. He is typically 1-3 years ahead of the pack on industry developments. I would welcome the chance to have David join my team or vice versa.

• Mary Beth (Epple) Jewell, Fiber artist and angora goat farmer and former VP Marketing, Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, KY -- David is very astute about emerging technologies and their practical application. He has an understanding of the financial requirements for online products in addition to the need for audience appeal. David works well with others and is a loyal, hard working co-worker who appreciates the same traits in others. I speak from experience :-)

• Jeff Herr,  Director, interactive media at Lee Enterprises, Davenport, IA -- David is an incredibly savvy online guy!

• Hartley M. Macklin, VP of Technology at IPQUBE Network Inc., Winnepeg, Canada -- Although it has been many years since I work closly with David, I knew him then only as honest, and hard working. The first thing I rememeber about working with David is that people could count on him. I think that is a very important qualification.

• Jim Griffin, Owner at OneHouse LLC, former CEO at Cherry Hill Digital and former Chief Technology Officer at Geffen Records, Washington, DC -- David is super smart, experienced and without peer when the issue is the delivery of digital information. I would not hesitate to work with David Reed, and you'll be fortunate if you do.

• Robin Montoya, Group Market Development Director, El Paso Times, El Paso, TX -- David is one of the best Interactive Directors within the publishing industry; perhaps within the US. His ability to view the marketplace and fill distinct niche areas with online content, interactive offerings and non-traditional consumer outreach is unique. David is a team player, always willing to consult and brain storm while offering real-time solutions. He is a true asset to our team.

• Jane Amari, former editor and publisher, Arizona Daily Star/Pulitzer Publishing, Tucson, AZ -- David is an expert at creating web sites that get massive amounts of traffic by cleverly collecting content without breaking the bank. He is creative, great to work with, and has a track record difficult to beat

• Mark Barnett, Director of Strategic Products - Color at Lexmark International, Inc., Lexington, KY -- I have known David for over 25 years. I first met David when he invited me to join the Central Kentucky Computer Society and serve as a contributing member.

David combines his passion for technology and his journalism skills to help others personally and professionally. In addition to founding and running the Central Kentucky Computer Society, David helped establish a SeniorNet Center in Lexington, Kentucky.

SeniorNet dedicates itself to helping Senior Citizens learn and leverage technology to improve their daily lives. SeniorNet also involves Senior Citizens in community outreach projects, such as helping troubled teens, collecting and refurbishing technology equipment which can be re-deployed to the under-privaledged and working with senior citizens who are restricted in physical activity to leverage technology to facilitate communication and community involvement.

David was instrumental in spreading his success with the Central Kentucky Computer Society and SeniorNet to other areas of the country through active participation in the Association of Personal Computer Users Groups (APCUG).

David has authored hundreds, if not thousands of articles sharing tips, tricks and techniques on technology, reviewing hardware and software products and discussing trends within the industry.

David has traveled the country from coast-to-coast, serving as a vocal advocate for the use of technology to improve the communities in which we live an serve.

David is bright, passionate, dedicated and committed. David is quite inspirational in the way he engages others to get involved in their community and leverage their own talents to help others. There is no doubt that David would be a tremendous asset for any team. He knows how to bring a team together for a common goal. He is a good coordinator and leader with a real ability to tap into the talents of others.

• Gregg Greer,  Owner, Bluegrass Business Growth LLC and former VP Circulation, Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, KY -- David has always been someone who can get things done.

• Teresa R. Lawlor,  Chief Strategy Officer at Indigio, Denver, CO - I have been very fortunate to work with Dave in the past. I can say that he is very creative in terms of driving revenue and extremely knowledgeable in the online space. He is a quick adapter of new technologies and strategies. He has been very successful in driving revenue and usage on the sites he manages and can really engage his sales force.


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