After a 40-plus career as a working journalist, including pioneering work in new media (what we used to call anything other than print and broadcast), I find that perhaps it is time to step forward and share my thoughts about a lot of things on this site.

I'll talk about my life, my past and, of course, the future of the media as it transforms into something new in this evolving world of media ownership, management and public discourse.

I'll also comment from time to time about life in New Mexico and comparisons to other places I have lived.

The times are changing, to be sure, in lots of ways - media, politics, social settings and the general change in social discourse.

It should be some ride. I'm sure some will agree and some will disagree. But it is time to have discussions about where we as a community have been and where we are heading.

David Reed
Santa Teresa, New Mexico
"Learn The Rules So You Will Know How To Break Them"