One of the things I've noticed in my few years of living in Santa Teresa is that the drivers here have their own way of doing things.

Stop signs, for example, seem to be just a recommendation by someone and really doesn't often apply to the drivers who live here.

Just think how often we see drivers fail to stop ... sometimes even fail to slow down ... at an intersection with one of these bright red signs that indicates you are supposed to come to a complete lack of motion before going on about your way.

It is especially a problem for drivers leaving the country club area and those turning onto Country Club road. After all, there isn't going to be any traffic coming from the uncompleted roads in the area. Why, they must think, do we even have stop signs here.

I can't count the number of times when leaving Santa Teresa that speeding cars and trucks coming onto the main roads have nearly hit me because they are not used to actually having to stop for oncoming traffic.

And if you want to talk about dangerous driving habits, just watch the way people avoid the speed bumps near the country club. Many actually move into the oncoming traffic lane to go around them, drive past the divider in the road (and the stop sign next to it) and pull back into the outbound lanes at the entrance to the County Club.

I'm sure they fancy themselves good drivers who are merely avoiding a bump in the road and that might inconvenience them or, heavens forbid, slow them down. But isn't that what speed bumps are supposed to do? Slow drivers down?

Slowing down would be interesting in Santa Teresa. The speed limit on Country Club is posed at 30 miles per hour but that really means 40 or 50 to most people ... if not more.

And on the side streets the speed limit (and it is almost always posed) is 25 miles per hour.

Few I see driving here seems to believe those signs.

It is easy to ignore them here. We are an unincorporated area. The security staff at the guard station and who patrol the area don't enforce speed limits. We have no local police force to stop offenders and collect fines (of course I am sure the Sunland Park Police -- which is pretty good at setting up speed traps along McNutt Road -- drool over the lost opportunities to collect fines in Santa Teresa.

The sheriff's office is seldom here and it is just before an election, so why would anyone bother to enforce driving laws.

Besides being a good thing to follow, the driving regulations probably were designed to protect the many joggers and children in the area.

I guess it will take someone getting hurt or killed for whoever set up the traffic regulations here to actually enforce them.

Don't get me wrong. I think some of the speed limits are too low in some areas and maybe some of the stop signs really don't need to be there. But they are.

Ignoring them is the wrong thing to do. Finding out how to get them changed makes more sense. It would be nice if it happened before someone is killed by someone who speeds or "forgets" to stop.