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Are Winton-Flair, Accent homes good construction neighbors?

Posted by David Reed on Friday, August 8, 2014, In : Santa Teresa 

There is a lot of new construction going on in Edgemont this summer.

And that means current residents have to deal with the construction habits of the builders here. Most of the time, they are pretty good and considerate.

But not always.

I have two houses being built beside my home as well as five or six more behind me. Both Winton-Flair and Accent are involved and lately all this work has created some problems.

Accent put in a large dumpster behind my home which is overfilled on a pretty regular...

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Driving in Santa Teresa could be dangerous

Posted by David Reed on Friday, October 22, 2010, In : Santa Teresa 
One of the things I've noticed in my few years of living in Santa Teresa is that the drivers here have their own way of doing things.

Stop signs, for example, seem to be just a recommendation by someone and really doesn't often apply to the drivers who live here.

Just think how often we see drivers fail to stop ... sometimes even fail to slow down ... at an intersection with one of these bright red signs that indicates you are supposed to come to a complete lack of motion before going on about ...
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