There is a lot of new construction going on in Edgemont this summer.

And that means current residents have to deal with the construction habits of the builders here. Most of the time, they are pretty good and considerate.

But not always.

I have two houses being built beside my home as well as five or six more behind me. Both Winton-Flair and Accent are involved and lately all this work has created some problems.

Accent put in a large dumpster behind my home which is overfilled on a pretty regular basis. The construction crews put everything in the dumpster, from construction pieces (including large foam panels) and even their lunch containers, drink cans, newspapers and more.

With New Mexico’s expected winds, much of the overfill has ended up in my back yard.

What I have discovered, is that Winton-Flair/Accent has changed their website and seemingly no one at the company reads 9or at least responds to) comments sent to them through the site’s Contact Us form.

I complained more than three weeks ago and again a couple of times with no response. I had asked that the company come and pick up the large pieces of trash that have collected in my back yard, especially since I am still recovering from emergency surgery.

I’ve even seen some of our streets covered in trash. I can’t believe that the clutter helps the companies sell homes here. It certainly makes the neighbor look trashy.

Here’s a look  at some of the trash I’ve found in my back yard.