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Driving in Santa Teresa could be dangerous

Posted by David Reed on Friday, October 22, 2010, In : Santa Teresa 
One of the things I've noticed in my few years of living in Santa Teresa is that the drivers here have their own way of doing things.

Stop signs, for example, seem to be just a recommendation by someone and really doesn't often apply to the drivers who live here.

Just think how often we see drivers fail to stop ... sometimes even fail to slow down ... at an intersection with one of these bright red signs that indicates you are supposed to come to a complete lack of motion before going on about ...
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Welcome to my thoughts

Posted by David Reed on Friday, October 15, 2010,
After a 40-plus career as a working journalist, including pioneering work in new media (what we used to call anything other than print and broadcast), I find that perhaps it is time to step forward and share my thoughts about a lot of things on this site.

I'll talk about my life, my past and, of course, the future of the media as it transforms into something new in this evolving world of media ownership, management and public discourse.

I'll also comment from time to time about life in New Mexi...
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